The QPC QSeal Connector line features 2 and 4 Channel Push-Pull Plugs that are IP67 Sealed (Dust Tight & Water Immersion to 1 Meter), and direct LC-Duplex interface panel mount receptacles. This allows simple integration into SFP Module based systems, because standard off-the-shelf patch cables can be used. QSeal plugs are available with standard straight backshells as well as 90-degree backshells for applications with limited clearance. QSeal Receptacles can be ordered with five different color-coded sealing gaskets for network visibility. QSeal connectors are designed using industry standard 1.25mm ceramic ferrules which can be installed in a customer’s facility or in the field using common fiber optic termination equipment. Based on user feedback, QPC’s design does not include shutters enabling easy cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

The QPC QLine Adapter is a stand-alone device that allows two QSeal plugs, or other plug types, to be connected. The QLine Adapter can also serve as a breakout from a plug to individual LC, ST, or SC connectors. Depending on system requirements, QLine Adapters can be configured in Straight or Crossed polarities.

The QPC QSeal Connector line is intermateable with Neutrik’s opticalCON DUO and QUAD connectors, both ADVANCED and LITE versions.

The QPC QSeal Connectors are most commonly used in Broadcast, Pro-Audio, and Entertainment applications, but they are rugged enough for a variety of other systems / environments.

  • 2Ch / 4Ch Pin & Socket Push-Pull Physical Contact Connector System
  • Plugs: With and without Rubber Grip, with Straight or 90 Degree Backshell
  • Receptacles: XLR Compatible Flange Mount with direct LC Duplex Connection on the back
  • Cable OD up to 6.5mm (Consult QPC for other options)
  • Intermateability: Neutrik OpticalCon Duo (2Ch) and OpticalCon Quad (4Ch)
  • QLine Adapter allows Plug to Plug Connections in longer systems
  • Sealed to IP67


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