Front Of House Magazine Feature on QMiniLC Fiber Optic Connectors

Front Of House Magazine Feature on QMiniLC Fiber Optic Connectors

Date: February 11, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
New Features

QPC expands its QMini connector line of engineered fiber optic solutions with the QMiniLC, a QMini to LC adapter.

The QMini Receptacle to LC Adapter was developed to provide a convenient way to connect expanded beam fiber optic links to industry standard SFP Modules inside of pro-audio equipment. The QMini Receptacle to LC Adapter has a QMini Expanded Beam interface on one end and LC Duplex on the other and comes pre-terminated and ready to use. The connectors are available with 2- or 4- channels and with single-mode or multi-mode lenses and a choice of composite or metal dust covers.

Like all of QPC’s family of QMini Expanded Beam fiber optic connectors, the new additions are precision built to exacting MIL-DTL-83526/20 and MIL-DTL-83526/21 specs. Designed as a standard 2-hole XLR mount flange receptacle, the QMiniLC installs and connects easily in a standard pre-punched XLR chassis and is DiGiCo compatible; while the jam nut design makes for fast and secure attachments in the field, shop or assembly line.

As Expanded Beam fiber optic connectors are designed to operate in harsh environments, they employ non-physical contact fiber optic termini that are fully sealed behind an anti-reflective coated ball lens. This lens expands the beam to many times its original size aiding optical alignment and minimizing the effects of dust, debris, vibration, and other environmental conditions. Because there is no wear on the optical surfaces/end faces of the termini during use, the QMini connector has excellent durability, in excess of 3,000 mating cycles, providing a long service life interconnect solution.

QMini is a hermaphroditic connector allowing multiple plug-to-plug cable assemblies to be combined to extend the length of the system. These connectors are available with two or four channels and with singlemode or multimode lenses. In addition to the standard plugs and receptacles, QPC offers a 90-degree option for plugs and a low-profile backshell for receptacles for applications with space constraints.

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