Custom Labeling

Custom Labeling

QPC Laser Marking Video and Sample!

QPC Fiber Optic offers a broad range of QPC proprietary products including fiber optic connectors, accessories, and cable assemblies. Very few companies are vertically integrated and often rely on QPC Fiber Optic for these sub level components to complete their system. Whether it is Military / Aerospace, Industrial, or Entertainment applications, these customers prefer to maintain their brand throughout their system design regardless of where the sub level components are manufactured. QPC Fiber Optic provides them the ability to do so with our Engineered Solutions and Custom Laser Marking capability.
Customers know that they get a high-quality, top performing product from QPC Fiber Optic and are pleased to put their own brand on it! If you would like a sample of your logo on one of our QPC Proprietary Fiber Optic Connectors contact QPC today and we will be happy to get you one!

QPC Provides Custom Labeling

Contact us today to download a video on QPC’s Laser Marking Capability and get a sample with your company’s Logo!

    QPC Provides Custom labeling for our customers

    Send us your Logo and we can send you a sample!

    How will your Logo look on QPC's QGrip or one of our Proprietary QPC Connectors?