QFoca Mating Durability Test Report

QFoca Mating Durability Test Report

QFoca Connector Mating Durability

QPC’s QFoca Hermaphroditic Tactical Connector Line is engineered for Harsh Environment and Military Ground Tactical applications. The QFoca 4 and 12 Channel specification covers the performance and testing criteria for a circular, environmental resistant, hermaphroditic interface, fiber optic connector. The QFoca specification specifies the Singlemode and Multimode insertion loss from 0.10dB to a maximum 1.0dB. The QFoca connectors have a consistent optical performance and are sufficiently rugged to withstand military field application. .
Mating Durability is always a concern for connector systems that require frequent mates and demates. To get some data around reliability, QPC conducted 2,500 mating cycles on a 12F Connector to determine how the insertion loss would vary beyond the connector’s 2000 mating cycle rating. The results were better than expected with very little variation on the insertion loss over the duration of the test with a normal distribution. For a full copy of the report, please provide your name and email address.

QFoca Mating Durability Test Report

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    QFoca Channel Count

    QFoca Connectors are either 4 Channel (2 Pin / 2 Socket) Termini or 12 Channel (6 Pin / 6 Socket)

    High Durability

    Mating Durability is always a concern for Connectors that require repeated mates and demates.

    Quality Tested

    Read more about our test method and results for testing Mating Durability to 2,000 mating cycles.